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A Look at Coronavirus

Today, we joined the NGO Expedicionarios da Saúde for this emergency and unexpected cause. We are raising funds to purchase masks, rapid tests and whatever is needed to treat patients infected with Coronavirus. And we need you.




No matter the size of your donation, every medical item will be pivotal in this never-before-seen global struggle. All donations will be destined to the Mobile Hospital Complex newly installed at Hospital das Clínicas at Unicamp to  guarantee specialized, free and effective medical assistance to patients affected by the new Coronavirus.


* Other values

Values are estimated as market values for these items are rising due to high and growing demand. (Quotation: 03/31/2020)

You can also make donations through a bank deposit:


Itau bank

Agency: 2944
C/C: 14525-5

Renovatio Support Association
CNPJ: 20.770.102/0001-01

How are we going to help?

We are mobilizing to help fight Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and with the objective of guaranteeing specialized, free and effective medical care for  patients affected by the new coronavirus.

   With the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and its effects on health, economy and society, we understand that all perspectives have pointed to the installation of a crisis scenario and the expansion of inequalities. The scenario, in fact, highlights a complex problem that cannot be solved simply or through disjointed initiatives.

   We are supporting the initiative of the NGO Expedicionarios da Saúde, which has been working in partnership for years, which will install the Mobile Hospital Complex in Campinas (SP) where we will work in strict cooperation with UNICAMP's Hospital de Clínicas.

   Part of its structure will be used as a first care center, semi-intensive ward, expanding the supply of beds and medical-hospital equipment available to the population, as well as other demands related to the new coronavirus.  

   With the funds raised, we will be able to contribute to the acquisition of health "Kits",  basic materials and equipment that will be used by the medical team. The time is for joining efforts to change the game. Together we can pave the way to overcome this crisis, leaving no one behind, especially the people who need it most.

Collection goal:

BRL 500,000

*We will update the collected volume daily.


We raise funds

  We concentrate receipts of financial donations from 
people in companies.



 We use our network of 
contacts to buy medical items at the best possible prices.



All equipment and kits are delivered to the hospital in 
EDS campaign in
fighting COVID-19


Care and Assistance

We allow the impact of coronavirus to be minimized where it matters most: in hospital beds. 

How our actions work

we act in

for those who

most need

   EDS (Health Expeditioners) is a Brazilian non-profit organization  created in 2003 by a group of volunteer doctors, whose main objective is to bring medical care to geographically isolated populations in the Brazilian Legal Amazon region.  

   And we, at Renovatio, were born to impact the Brazilian visual health scene, giving people the chance of a more dignified life, in which they can explore their maximum potential. To date, committed to this ideal, we have already donated more than 55,000 pairs of glasses and promoted  access to eye care and consultation for more than 60 thousand people in 23 states in all regions of Brazil and also in Haiti, India and Mozambique.

It is in this sense, and in response to this challenge, that  Renovatio and the Health Expeditionary Association (EDS) decided to unite and build a path for people and organizations that want to do their part.

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