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ONG Renovatio

Ralf Toenjes, founder of Renovatio non-profit organization, managed to complete three different prestigious degrees. He was able to do it because he had the financial support of many people. After graduating, his main objective was to use his knowledge to give back to society for all the support he had.

In 2013, an opportunity arose. It would change not only his life, but the life of thousands of people. He was awarded as a Student Leader, in 2013, by Unilever. Then, he went to Mexico represent Brazil at the Enactus Mundial.  This competition awards the projects with social impact, it is a competition between universities.

There, he saw the work of a group of German students. They indicated that, in the world, 680 million people needed glasses, but were not able to purchase them. It seemed like a good challenge...

FOMENTO 909897/2021

Projeto Saúde Visual para Todos: Cuidando da População Idosa de Campo Grande

FOMENTO 920504/2021

Uma ação de resgate da dignidade da mulher tocantinense por meio do acesso à saúde visual
Sem Título-1.jpg

FOMENTO 915393/2021

Inclusão Escolar de Crianças e Adolescentes ao Interior de SP por meio da Saúde Visual
WhatsApp Image 2022-10-18 at 13.10.30.jpeg

FOMENTO 936370/2022

Inclusão Escolar de Crianças e Adolescentes no Triangulo Mineiro por meio da Saúde Visual
Logotipo-Ver Mais Educa-Triangulo Mineiro_Triangulo mineiro op2.png

FOMENTO 910746/2021

SAÚDE VISUAL: Um Caminho para a Inclusão Produtiva dos Jovens do DF

TERMO DE FOMENTO 936369/2022

VER + EDUCA é uma ação de caráter social e estratégica, que objetiva melhorar as condições básicas de acesso ao ensino para crianças e adolescentes, estudantes da rede pública de ensino fundamental de Araguari-MG.
logotipo_Ver Mais Educa-Araguari.png

together we can

impact more lives!

Be part of our history and contribute so that more people can see the world better.

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