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Those who need it most!

We are a non-profit social organization that aims to bring eye health and eyeglasses donation to those who need it most. With an adapted bus and 2 trucks transformed into two eye clinics, we traveled across Brazil taking quality eye care and free eyeglasses to communities in need, public schools, riverside communities, among others.

We want to impact the Brazilian visual health scenario, giving people the chance of a more dignified life, in which they can explore their maximum potential. Whether in the classroom, at work or in everyday activities, a pair of eyeglasses has the power to transform lives.

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Our impact in number
(Updated in July / 2021)









states impacted in
Brazil and Haiti






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Get to know more about our project

We transformed a bus into a mobile eye clinic.

We believe that the most difficult places to access are the ones that need us most. In Brazil, 80% of the municipalities do not have an ophthalmologist. That's why we've transformed a common bus into two mobile eye clinics, with the newest technology available.

With our mobile structure, we have already been present in 23 Brazilian states, providing eye care and donating eyeglasses. But this is just the beginning.

The most modern Mobile Ophthalmology Unit in the country!

A complete diagnostic center with more than 100m² on wheels! ​


A partnership with Mercedes Benz, Deg Invest, Hoftalon and Flexmedical, where we are committed to bringing medical care, social assistance and vaccines to needy communities in distant locations and to the vulnerable population in various regions of Brazil.

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Linha de óculos ODG

Good Vision

All this work was only possible thanks to the Good Vision Glasses model of glasses, developed by the German physicist Martin Haumfh. It was designed to be as efficient as traditional glasses, but much stronger and easier to assemble. Today, Good Vision Glasses, in addition to Brazil, is present in Haiti, Bolivia, India, Malawi, Burkina, Nepal and Kenya.

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Everything started with
an idea...

Ralf Toenjes, founder of Renovatio non-profit organization, managed to complete three different prestigious degrees. He was able to do it because he had the financial support of many people. After graduating, his main objective was to use his knowledge to give back to society for all the support he had.

In 2013, an opportunity arose. It would change not only his life, but the life of thousands of people. He was awarded as a Student Leader, in 2013, by Unilever. Then, he went to Mexico represent Brazil at the Enactus Mundial.  This competition awards the projects with social impact, it is a competition between universities.

There, he saw the work of a group of German students. They indicated that, in the world, 680 million people needed glasses, but were not able to purchase them. It seemed like a good challenge...
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Juntos podemos impactar mais vidas! Contribua com a ONG Renovatio

together we can

impact more lives!

Be part of our history and contribute so that more people can see the world better.

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